Error Checking

How to check spelling and grammar mistakes on a WordPress website

Despite the fact that WordPress now powers up to 30% of the internet (per, many website owners still struggle to find a good solution for catching spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, and broken link errors on their websites. That’s one of the reasons TripleChecker was created. 

When it comes to catching obvious spelling typos (i.e. ‘adress’), Google Chrome and other browsers do highlight those errors with a red squiggly when using any post editor. However, your browser is limited to single word typos. These make up only a fraction of all of the spelling and other mistakes we see on websites. Other very common errors like duplicates (i.e. ‘is is’, ‘the the’, ‘for for’), contextual grammatical mistakes (i.e. ‘they’re is one mistake in this phrase’, ‘because of it’s effectiveness’), and broken links (both internal and external) are never caught. That is until your users catch them. Whether or not those users let you know about those errors or simply leave without telling you is another question.  

Numerous studies and surveys have been done evaluating the impact of mistakes on the perception of a website by its users. Below are a few conclusions:

  • 85% of users are more likely to leave when they see errors on a site.
  • 59% of users do not trust a website with obvious spelling or grammatical errors.

Not only do these mistakes affect a website’s revenue potential since a user leaving means the user isn’t buying, but they can also have long term negative impacts on your website’s SEO. That is because bounce rate (the % of users that leave after viewing just one page) is one of the most important factors used by search engines to determine the quality of a page and website. 

The advantage of using a service like TripleChecker is that we will automatically catch all spelling, grammar, and broken link errors on your website. How do we do it? We scan your website on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis (depending on the plan you choose) and provide you a report detailing errors found, suggested fixes, and the pages that those errors were found on. See below image for a sample report. 

The basic package starts at $9.99/mo for small websites checked on a monthly basis. We can also customize a plan to your specific needs, whether that be checking only newly added pages, providing a one-time scan, only checking your feed, or any other custom requests. 

Hundreds of clients depend on TripleChecker to keep their WordPress websites error free. Join them!

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