Catch errors on your website automatically!
TripleChecker finds spelling errors, grammar errors, broken links, and other errors.

Why double-check when you can triple?


Fully automated

TripleChecker catches spelling errors, grammar errors, broken links, and other errors on your website automatically.


No work required

Get notified immediately whenever new errors are found. We’ll catch them before any of your customers do.


Custom rules

Need additional rules? Create rules based on your business logic and never let an error slip through the cracks again!

Error checking made easy

Making errors is easy. Catching and fixing errors should be just as easy. TripleChecker does the work to ensure your website never has another error again.

  • ✅ TripleChecker finds every spelling error, grammar error, and broken link across your entire website.
  • ✅ Daily / Weekly scans catch errors as soon as you make them...and before your customers do.

Clients care about website errors

Study after study shows visitors care about whether your website contains errors. Did you know that:

  • ⚠️ 85% are more likely to leave when they see errors on your site.
  • ⚠️ 59% of users do not trust a website with obvious spelling or grammatical errors.
  • ⚠️ Online businesses lose millions of dollars each year due to spelling and grammar mistakes.

To date, we’ve scanned 331,231 websites

Spelling errors caught
Grammar errors caught
Broken links caught

Subscription Plans

Monthly Check
$14.99 /mo
  • Monthly scan for errors
  • Up to 1,000 pages
  • Cancel anytime
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Weekly Check
$19.99 /mo
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  • Weekly scan for errors
  • Up to 2,500 pages
  • Cancel anytime
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Daily Check
  • Daily scan for errors
  • Up to 10,000 pages
  • Cancel anytime
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"I've tried other software to check my site for errors, and the false positives were overwhelming, largely due to technical terms I use. Triple Checker does a much better job, finding real errors with few false positives."

John D. Cook, PhD (

"I find TripleChecker an incredibly useful tool to fill this human error gap for finding spelling and grammar issues across my website."

Steve Davidson (

"I found this very useful...I will be fixing these spelling errors. Audit tools I use haven't picked up on these."


You focus on your business.
Let us focus on your errors.

We are TripleChecker and we are here to streamline your day-to-day operations so that you never have to worry about discovering an error on your website again.

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