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Most common spelling typos and grammar mistakes for July 2020

One of our favorite analyses at TripleChecker is investigating which are the most common errors made by website owners.  

Below I’ve included the top 10 spelling typos, top 10 duplicate errors, and top 10 grammatical errors caught by TripleChecker in July 2020. 

Starting with the top spelling typos, ‘seperate’ took the #1 spot in July with 1.2% of websites displaying this error, followed by ‘recieve’, ‘occured’, and ‘thier.’ The #5 spot was taken by ‘recieved’ which tells me that users really have a hard time with this word. I would have expected ‘teh’ to be higher on the list than some of the ones above it. 


While 1.2% of websites might seem like a lot, that does not compare to how frequently we see duplicates on websites. The #1 spot within duplicates was ‘the the’ with 10.8% of websites displaying this error (that’s 1 in 10 websites!), followed by ‘to to’, ‘and and’, and ‘a a.’ However, when you think about it, it should not be all that surprising given how difficult it is to spot these errors. Also, your chrome browser does not register these as spelling errors. Same can be said of most error checking tools. TripleChecker is an exception. 

the thethe
to toto
and andand
a aa
of ofof
is isis
or oror
for forfor
with withwith
it itit is

Lastly, we have our grammatical errors. ‘Dont’ led the list with 4.1% of websites featuring this mistake, followed by ‘upto’, ‘a the’, and ‘the a.’ 

Grammar errorCorrection
uptoup to
a thethe
the athe
of it’sof its
often timesoftentimes
it’s ownits own
more thenmore than
for awhilefor a while

Stay tuned next month for the most common typos in August. 

If you’re interested in making sure that your website never features these 10 or any other spelling or grammatical errors, check out TripleChecker and sign up for one of our plans.